Workout Ballerina

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Ballerina Workout:

is a program tailored for you and for your personal transformation journey.

We will perform a specific workout every day for each part of the body and for the related muscle groups involved.

Day 1 : you will learn to warm up; I ask you never to skip this training if you want to make the most of this path. Believe me it is not obvious, many women do not know their body parts and therefore do not know how to use their muscles, but remember that knowledge is the key to your success to get a body and mind at the top.

Day 2 : it will be dedicated to the ballerina arms workout (the toned and elegant arms of the dancers)

Day 3 : We will focus on the ballerina core workout (to learn how to use the core and abs in dance)

Day 4 : we will dedicate it to the splendid ballerina back workout (your back will be a part of your body that you will start to love because you will start to take care of it, from now on)

Day 5 : it’s the turn of the ballerina leg workout (to work toned, defined and aesthetically beautiful legs)

Day 6 : we will finish with the ankle ballerina workout (your ankles will be your strength and support point for dance and for daily life)

Day 7: your day of well-deserved relaxation, where you can choose to do a total body streching like that of the extra session, make a post workout recipe or take a walk in the open air.